Include a gift in your Will

Create a lifetime of possibilities

You can make a powerful and positive impact to the lives of people with a disability by leaving a gift to Endeavour Foundation in your Will.

Leave a lasting legacy

For 20 years, Jenny’s son Michael has been supported by Endeavour Foundation.

“As the mother of a son with an intellectual disability, the biggest worry I have in the world is what will happen to Michael when I am no longer here to care for him.”

“By leaving a gift for the Endeavour Foundation in my Will, I can rest with peace of mind, knowing that my son Michael and all the other sons and daughters Endeavour Foundation cares for, will be in good hands.”

How to leave a gift in your Will

Once you've looked after those closest to you, leaving a gift to Endeavour Foundation is one of the kindest gestures you could ever make.

It's easy to arrange with the help of a solicitor, and needn't cost a lot of money.

If you already have a Will, or are considering one, every planned gift helps us to continue the vital work we do.

Tell us about your gift

If you have included Endeavour Foundation in your Will please let us know.

Sharing your views will encourage others to also make a similar gift. More importantly we would love to thank you and ensure that your wishes are fulfilled at the right time. We promise to keep whatever you tell us confidential.

“Endeavour Foundation relies on public support to maintain these services. It needs your financial help and mine. Apart from regular donations, the best way to do this is to remember the Endeavour Foundation in your Will and leave a gift guaranteeing the secure future of hundreds of thousands of Australians with intellectual disability in our communities.” Jenny, Endeavour Foundation supporter.


Making a planned gift to Endeavour Foundation is an incredible testament to your vision for the future and your deep caring for people with a disability and their families. Thank you.

Please email for further information.