February 2019 Newsletter

Thanks to you, last year

Notice something different?

To reflect the positive attitude of our supporters and the people we work with, in 2018 we revealed a new look.

From now on, we are #teampossible.

Focusing on ability – on dreams, goals and potential. Collaborating with the people we support to imagine the possibilities and then working together to make them happen.

Over Christmas you may have heard about Eddie. A year ago he was living with a housemate who was bullying him. When Rowena from Endeavour Foundation Bundaberg heard about this, she knew she had to act. It was only with your support that the team in Bundaberg found Eddie a safe place to live as quickly as possible. One that was suited to his needs, with everything he needed to make his house a home.

Many of you sent your Christmas wishes to Eddie. He loved receiving them all and went through each one. Eddie is working on another art type project with all of his wellwishing messages that didn’t make it into the photo – watch this space. He had an amazing Christmas lunch surrounded by his friends and support worker. He even got to watch the fireworks and dance to celebrate the new year in.

Your donations totalled a staggering $63,000. More people like Eddie can live in safe and happy homes thanks to your kindness.

Do it your way

You can choose when, where and how you support Endeavour Foundation with our online fundraising hub.

Whether it’s a morning tea, a birthday celebration, trek, or running challenge you can now set up your own fundraising page and join #teampossible.

Visit everydayhero.com.au/event/teampossible

With new technology comes new opportunities to make possibilities a reality. Thanks to the incredible support from our 2018 fundraising, we were able to invest in virtual reality equipment. 34 sites have access to this program thanks to you.

Service delivery manager, Alison Wright explains why it’s so important: "It is a very different way to learn skills, instead of putting our clients in potentially risky situations they are in a controlled environment. When they put on the Oculus Rift headset they are taken into a different reality, a safe one which can help them cope with the world.”

One of the activities includes crossing a busy street in Toowoomba and using an ATM to withdraw money. For many people, tasks like this can be overwhelming and confusing. A busy street poses so many hazards when you’re not familiar with the environment but through virtual reality, people can experience what it’s going to be like without those very real dangers.

15 years ago, Michael moved into one of our supported living arrangements on the Sunshine Coast. As someone with intellectual disability, he needs support with daily tasks and enjoys learning new skills at his local Learning and Lifestyle hub.

His mum, Jenny is one of our most dedicated supporters and she told us why she is going to include Endeavour Foundation in her will.

“By including Endeavour Foundation in my will, I’m making sure that they will always be able to look after Michael. And I’m helping to guarantee the secure future of more than half a million people with intellectual disability who live in our communities.

The great thing is that Michael is treated with respect as an individual in the community. I know that if he’s with Endeavour Foundation, all his needs are looked after.

My son’s welfare and future is my biggest concern. Without Endeavour Foundation, life would be very precarious. I hate to think what life would be like… I can’t bear to think about it.”

“There are very few other places like this. They’re such a professional body and the best provider of care for people with intellectual disability. Any money invested in Endeavour Foundation is well spent. You know it’s going to be used wisely.”

Have you considered leaving a gift to Endeavour Foundation in your will?

Like Jenny, you may wish to leave a lasting legacy. Find out more on our website by visiting endeavour.com.au/gift-in-will, or get in touch on 1800 63 40 40.

Four people with intellectual disability in Cairns will benefit from a state-of-the-art home funded through donor support.

The fully accessible home, to be completed in September 2019, will incorporate four bedrooms for people with disability, including a self-contained unit, and one additional bedroom for support staff.

Steve Waters from Endeavour Foundation said, “for people with intellectual disability, living more independently is often a major life goal and one that their parents, family members and service providers such as Endeavour Foundation work hard to help them achieve”.

“It’s going to be fitted with assistive technologies and built-in help alarms so the people who live here have the best opportunity to live independently while having help available when needed.”

“These modifications make a house a home. With your support we can build homes fit for everyone.”

Five out of the six homes Endeavour Foundation has built in Cairns in recent years have been made possible through the generous support of our donors.

Russell Boll, one of the people who will be living in the new development, said he’s looking forward to living in a new environment with new neighbours.

“I’m happy and excited,” said Mr Boll, “It’s very close to the bus stop with a beautiful garden and no steps. I can’t wait to look in the rooms and see the new kitchen – new everything!” If you’d like to support more projects like this, you can donate by calling strong or visiting endeavourfoundation.giveeasy.org/donate

The KingStones music program, based in Kingston Learning and Lifestyle hub, is made possible through the generosity of supporters like you. The team rely on donations of musical equipment and public support to make possibilities a reality for this group of young people.

Nick, member of the band, talks about how it has changed his life.

“I’m just a normal person but I wasn’t very happy at times. I got bullied at school in the past. It was bad. They keep saying stuff in front of me, they sang Smurf songs, I don’t like what happened. It annoys me. Even worse still I got my bag thrown around. Sometimes I smashed windows and they suspended me for that. I couldn’t control myself.”

After Nick left school, he started attending one of our Learning and Lifestyle hubs in Kingston. He arrived just as the KingStones were being formed.

“When I perform with the KingStones it makes me feel confident. Sometimes I feel nervous, especially at my first performance. We performed well, we sang confident and we tried our best. We try our best and we have fun. It doesn’t matter if we’re not the best, we try our best.

Without the KingStones, it would be horrible, it would be so bad. If there’s no KingStones, there’s nothing. If there’s KingStones there’s everything.”

Want to know more about the KingStones?

Click here