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Social & Community Participation


Being connected to our communities and social participation contributes to our sense of wellbeing, purpose and quality of life.

If you’re keen to try a new activity, make new friends or just to get out and about more, we have many options available to you. You can choose to do more of the things you already enjoy or to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

What would you like to do? It’s up to you!

  • Join a social group or other community activity
  • Learn how to use public transport or to drive
  • Play an instrument or sing in a choir
  • Go to the footy or the movies
  • Learn social media skills
  • Personal development
  • Join a gym or dance class
  • Help others

We can support you in whatever you’d like to do.

Learning and Lifestyle

Our Learning and Lifestyle services follow an individualised support model to enhance the independence, confidence, self-esteem, interaction skills and life choices of each person. A flexible and adaptable centre-based program where you're encouraged to identify and express your aspirations and access learning, recreation and social activities. Read more

One-on-one Support

If you need extra assistance, our one-on-one support is designed to work around your personal circumstances. If you are looking for help around the home, attending appointments or going to the footy, we can support you. Read more


We understand that parents and carers sometimes need a break. We offer a range of respite options tailored to your individual needs. Read more

Support for School Leavers

Take your pick from our support options designed to assist you to take your next steps after school. These can include our learning programs, sport, health and wellbeing programs, specialist behaviour support and supported independent living.


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