We’re partnering with researchers and industry in tailoring new and existing technologies to your needs and abilities:

  • iPad Education

    Endeavour Foundation’s Guide for the IPAD as a Communication / Learning / Educative / Planning / Interactive Tool.

  • Virtual Learning Environments have been developed to prototype stage by Endeavour Foundation in partnership with QUT. The VLE complements education support services where students log into a virtual learning environment and perform tasks and activities. These include leisure pursuits, social interactions, budgeting, as well as learning activities such as maths, literacy, travel training and life skills development. For more information please contact our NDIS new world team.
  • Smart supports

    Our houses are equipped with smart technology that enables you to live independently, safe, and connected:

    • Intelligent home sensors - keeping you safe
    • Emergency call systems – alarms tailored to your needs
    • Telehealth devices - remote monitoring of your health conditions, which puts you in control
    • Mobile enabling apps – communication tools boosting your lifestyle and skills
    • Home control options – easy to use home controls e.g. Lighting, air-conditioning
    • Speech generating devices – turning your touch into talk

Supporting Older People

Endeavour Foundation supported the development and production of a Queensland edition of ‘Supporting Older People with an Intellectual Disability to Age at Home: A Manual for Support Staff and Carers’. This manual and its supporting Manager’s Guide provide tools to guide support staff in understanding common health symptoms and conditions that may be experienced by people with a disability who are ageing. The Manual can be downloaded here and the Manager’s Guide can be downloaded here.

Magic Carpet Immersive Interaction System

Summary Overview

The EduTouch Magic Carpet, developed by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) researchers allows intuitive direct physical interactions with a digital environment without the need to master a mouse, keyboard or controller. This makes it an ideal system for young children, patients undergoing physical rehabilitation, people with disabilities and the elderly to name just a few. The technology allows the user to experience whole body immersive interaction and has many potentially educational, social and physical benefits.


Early childhood care and education; Secondary education; Corporate training and team building; Pediatric therapy, assisting in the rehabilitation process; Health and fitness, encouraging physical activity; Advertising, immersing customers in an interactive environment and Disability services, providing previously inaccessible exploratory experiences.

Find out more on the Eduss learning website here.

Disability Rights

The Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 provides protection for all Australians against discrimination based on disability. Read a brief guide to the Disability Discrimination Act on the Australian Human Rights Commission website here.

Australia is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Find out more on the United Nations website here.

Government Services


Disability Online

New South Wales

Ageing, Disability and Home Care


The Department of Social Services (DSS)

Disability and the Workforce

Australian Bureau of Statistics has the latest information on Disability and Work Australian Social Trends.

Australian Government Department of Employment has information on how to find and keep employment, and work in safe, fair and productive workplaces.


The Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability (QCIDD) website has resources for people with a disability and their families, support staff and health professionals.

The Me section has downloadable information sheets on Teeth, Food, Health, Exercise, Feelings and Body; the Families section has downloadable information sheets on food, teeth, health, exercise, feelings and body to coincide with the information available for people with a disability; and the Health Professionals section has downloadable information sheets on physical health, intellectual disability, practice tools, syndromes, hidden problems, mental health and the QCIDD Clinic.

The NDS website features information on the Realising Good Health & Wellbeing Support Worker training resource. Find out more here.

Homes for everybody

Homes For Everybody - Endeavour Foundation’s guide to achieving a more accessible, liveable home that supports independence and safety.

Access-friendly recreation

Nican’s portal has information on services, events and news for Inclusive recreation for Australians of all abilities.


Get empowered! Read Endeavour Foundation’s Advocacy Manual and Workbook. 

Person-centred Support

Helen Sanderson Associates website contains information and numerous resources for person-centred practice.

The NSW Government Ageing, Disability and Home Care department developed a resource book on Working in Person Centred Ways.

Find out more about Endeavour Foundation Disability & Community Support Services.