Disability Research

Endeavour Foundation supports research as a way to invest in the lives of people with a disability, the future of the sector and in our organisation. Our focus is on developing research partnerships with experts in the field of disability research and within the disability sector. We also provide some funding for research projects.

Endeavour Foundation Disability Research Fund

The Endeavour Foundation Disability Research Fund is a Charitable Trust established to benefit Australians with a disability, especially people with an intellectual or developmental disability. The Fund aims to encourage quality and innovation in the disability services sector. Funding is available in an annual competitive grants round for researchers to undertake research into issues of key importance for the Australian disability sector.

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The funds administered by the Endeavour Foundation Disability Research Fund are dependent on the generosity of our community. Find out how to donate to the Fund here.

Research Partnerships

Endeavour Foundation values research partnerships based on collaboration and inclusion. We wish to support research that focuses on achieving positive outcomes for people with a disability, and/or assists disability service providers to better support people with a disability to achieve their aspirations and goals. To talk to us about partnering on research, please contact Jenny Madden on 0417 779 839 or via email.

Major Research Projects (Current)

Project Partner/s Timeframe
New information access technologies for people with intellectual disability Queensland University of Technology 2016-2019
Effective decision making support for people with cognitive disability La Trobe University, University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, and Queensland University of Technology, with industry partners Melbourne City Mission, Victorian Office of the Public Advocate, Inclusion Melbourne, Summer Foundation, Department of Family and Community Services (NSW), Office of the Public Advocate (QLD), Office of the Public Guardian (NSW), Queensland Mental Health Commission, The Public Trustee of Queensland, New South Wales Trustee and Guardian, and Office of the Public Guardian (QLD) 2015-2019
Long-term follow-up of a comprehensive health assessment of adults with intellectual disability in a large non-government organisation The University of Queensland 2013-2018
“Keeping my place in the community”: Achieving successful ageing-in-place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities The University of New England, The University of Sydney and The University of Illinois, with industry partners Ability Options, UnitingCare Ageing (NSW) and The Ascent Group 2013-2016
Living the good life: Embedding active support and practice leadership La Trobe University, with industry partners Annecto Inc, Karingal, Sunshine, Golden City Support Services, Greystanes, Yooralla, Jewish Care CARA (SA), E.W. Tipping, Bayley House, House with No Steps (QLD) and Civic Lifestyles (NSW). 2012-2017
Constructing futures: An investigation of the career aspirations of young adults with an intellectual disability and their parents The University of Queensland 2012-2016
Measuring Outcomes That Matter: Conceptualising Contribution by people with intellectual disability University of NSW 2021 – 2022


For more information about our disability research initiatives, contact:

Jenny Madden

Endeavour Foundation

0417 779 839researchfund@endeavour.com.au