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Who we are


We are dedicated to helping people with a disability live fulfilling lives, working together to turn possibilities into reality for each individual.

We believe in ability and understand that everyone is different, working to make the most of individual skills and interests.

Our organisational values are One, Imaginative, Care and Passionate. We are one, valuing individual strengths and experience so we can achieve more together. We never stop imagining a better future for our customers.

We care, and treat everyone with respect and kindness. We are passionate, our customers are at the heart of everything that we do.

Today: we are a diverse community organisation with a goal of ensuring that we are here - both now and in the future - committed to achieving more together.

Collectively, Endeavour Foundation Supports 4000 people through our core services: home, daily living, social and community participation, relationships and independence, work, learning.

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