Elaine is dancing all the way to the sun

While Elaine was on the phone hearing the amazing news that she had won a house, there were people banging on her front door and ringing her doorbell trying to get in.

“My daughter had been trying to find me to tell me that Endeavour Foundation wanted to talk to me so the caretakers of my retirement village had come round to see if I was okay,” Elaine explained.

“I’d gone out, that’s all!” she grinned.

“When Endeavour Foundation’s Manager of Prize Home Lotteries and Bingo, Wilma Burton, told me that I’d won a house, my daughter started screaming!”

However, Elaine managed to keep cool about winning the first prize resort-style home in Buderim, Queensland valued at more than $820,000.
“I was pretty calm because I just don’t show my excitement much but I’m absolutely thrilled,” she said.

Elaine, a widow from New South Wales who has two daughters and a grandson, spent a large part of her life in Melbourne as a classical ballet dancer in the 1950s and 60s.

“It was a wonderful part of my life and Melbourne was a vibrant place,” she said.

“I knew Barry Humphries through his second wife and met the most fantastic people.”

Elaine also won $40,000 in gold bullion for being a multi-ticket purchaser and says she will continue to buy Endeavour Foundation prize home tickets, but she already has plans for her new Sunshine Coast house.

“I’m keeping it for family holidays in the winter,” she said.

“It gets cold where I live!”


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