Coolum Beach band to rock Brisbane

"The hardest working band in show-business" is a label which has been attached to many performers down the years, but how many of them have had university assignments to complete while trying to write songs and play gigs?

The Coolum Beach-based group, The Marsden Lees, are making something of a splash on the local Sunshine Coast and Brisbane music scene with their indie rock sound, and have been booked to appear at Endeavour Foundation's free Big Community Day Out event at the South Bank Cultural Forecourt in Brisbane on 15th May, taking time out from their busy study and work schedule.

Paul Ziakas, the 20 year-old bass player, is studying science and the 22 year-old guitarist and vocalist, Aaron Wynne, is studying journalism.

Aaron's 20 year-old drummer brother, Jared, works as a dental technician.

Time may be in short supply but they make it work.

“We prioritise our lives,” said Paul.

“We have fun, we try to have a good time at our shows, and we study and work when we can.”

The band met at high school so fitting their passion for music around studies isn't new.

They've even found the time to record a well-received EP called 'Vices' which they financed and recorded themselves.

They've been gigging up and down the Sunshine Coast, playing in Brisbane, and hope to break into the Sydney and Melbourne markets.

Playing to a potential crowd of thousands at Endeavour Foundation's Big Community Day Out on May 15th in Brisbane doesn't worry them.

“We don't get nervous about playing in front of an audience because we have some experience now, so we're just really looking forward to it and want to have some fun,” Paul said.

“Endeavour Foundation is such a good thing, helping the community and society, it's an important part of where we all live and we're proud to be taking part in the Big Community Day Out.”

As for the future, Paul remains rooted on the ground.

“As far as we get is as far as we get.

“We have so much fun that we'll give it our best shot, give it 100%, and see where it takes us.

“We just enjoy ourselves.”


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