Better late than never for Bribie Island Prize Home winners

Mrs M of Warwick was late buying her ticket in the Endeavour Foundation Prize Home draw for the stunning four bedroom house on Bribie Island and it was processed in the last run of tickets in the system but she needn’t have worried because anyone can win the Prize Home whenever and however they purchase tickets!

She has been buying tickets in the Endeavour Foundation Prize Home Lotteries for more than 15 years because she believes in supporting such a good cause, not because she expected to win, and it took ages for the news to sink in when she received the phone call to say she’d won the first prize valued at more than $802,000.

“My husband took the original call from Endeavour Foundation’s Prize Home Lotteries and Bingo Manager, Wilma Burton, but she couldn’t say anything because the ticket was in my name so even when I met him for lunch that day he didn’t say anything,” said Mrs M.

“Wilma rang again at 7pm that evening and she went through each prize that was available, ticking them off and saying that each one had gone leaving only one possible prize....and even then I didn’t understand what she was saying!

“It took me ages to realise what she was telling me and when the penny dropped finally I simply said ‘I can’t believe it’ and that’s still the case. I can’t believe it!”

Mr M felt the same way.
“I can’t begin to describe how I feel, such amazing mixed emotions and feelings!” he said.

Mrs M and family had never visited Bribie Island, let alone seen the Prize Home, until they were taken there to be given the keys.
“My friend loves it there but we hadn’t been until Wilma took us so that’s going to change from now on,” Mrs M said.

“We’ll carry on working as normal but, with the kids grown up, it’ll be perfect for everyone to get together in such a lovely place.

“I’ve always wanted a swimming pool and my husband plays golf so to win this house with a pool and a golf course over the back is just incredible!

“I can’t believe how late I was buying the ticket and how lucky we are,” she said.

It goes to show that anyone can win an Endeavour Foundation Prize Home at any time just as long as you have a ticket!


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