Janie and Angie talk life, love, and equality

13 September 2020

This week is Disability Action Week in Queensland.

At Endeavour Foundation, we believe everyone has the right to work in a job that suits their abilities, live in a safe and comfortable home that meets their needs, and have real friendships.

You might not know this but before she was on TV, Angie Kent was already a sister and a friend to people with disability. Angie shares our passion for social inclusion and equality.

Janie Hop from #teampossible spoke to Angie about friendship, love, and the things we can all do to celebrate the contribution of people with disability.

By Janie Hop

I’d like to tell you about a special job I was given at my work at the Endeavour Foundation office. It all began in my birthday month of July. On the 22nd of July, I was asked to interview Endeavour Foundation’s newest ambassador, Angie Kent.

You may know Angie from Channel 10’s Gogglebox and The Bachelorette. They’re both very popular shows on television.

I hadn’t met Angie before, so it was my first time meeting her. I actually felt a little nervous in meeting her at first, so I tried to relax. Once I got settled in and got to know her a bit more, I felt really comfortable.

Angie was quite open to talk about her life. She used to be a support worker to someone who has a disability, a young man named Tom.

They had fun on their outings that they went on and they both enjoyed their time together. Tom sometimes presented Angie with an invisible rose, which she thought was so sweet of him.

Angie seems to feel a connection with people who have a disability and is happy and proud of them when they do well and achieve their dreams. She also has a passion for helping people with a disability to achieve their dreams just like Endeavour Foundation. And I really like that about her.

I felt so honoured to know Angie, and my experience in interviewing her was a thrill for me so I thought I should share some of the stuff we talked about in this video.

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