Bridie's Appeal

Your generosity gives someone like Bridie a place to call home, and an environment in which they can live a fulfilling, independent life.


Bridie’s intellectual disability left her unable to easily communicate her needs so much so she requires specialist care. Her mum, Delia struggled to get the support Bridie needed and it took a toll on the whole family.

Moving into supported living didn’t go well for Bridie at first. Unsuitable housing meant that she was unhappy and her wellbeing was at risk. Delia fought long and hard to get the care and support her daughter deserved – and moving to Endeavour Foundation did just that.

Thanks to supporters like you, Endeavour Foundation was able to give Bridie a safe and happy home, with the specialist care she thrives on. Having the right people and care around her meant that she could be better understood.

Bridie is so much happier now; smiling, laughing, and enjoying life. She’s come so far and her mum is overjoyed.


Your kind gift gives someone like Bridie the opportunity to live their best life.

The impact of your generosity


You could give people like Bridie a safe & happy home suited to their needs.

Your kindness gives access to Learning and Lifestyle programs to enhance independence.

Your gift creates opportunities for people with disability to work, earn an income, and have a career.